Chip drying unit SwissCombi of ecoDry assembly

Manufacturer SwissCombi
Type ecoDry
Year 2001

approx..  32 t/h wet chip with 110% atro

Vaporation  q-ty(water) approx.  16.000 kg/h
Natural gas consumption max 15 MW Hu (range of adjustment 4-15 MW)
Special consumption approx. 810 kcal /kg vaporation
Outlet temperature approx. 140°C - 190°С
Drying unit SwissCombi of ecoDry assembly contains:
Combustion chamber
Heat exchanger

Flue gas ventilator 75 kW

Chimney stack with acoustic absorbent

Input storage hopper with winch

Flow filament

rotary drier (length - 19,0 m, d isolated - 5,4 m)

Primary ventilator 250 kW

Multiclone group

Collection screw under the multicyclone collector

Inclined screw

Off-loading rotary valve

Bonding wires incl. insulation

Switching unit in the container incl. air conditioning


Stairs and  platforms (grid performance) are assembled and galvanised