Sanding unit for PB production OSUS-NOVA-S 260/8-K/K/FS/NS OPTIMA MS

Address of manufacturer CH—9015 st.GALLEN/SCHWEIZ
Equipment type OSUS-NOVA-S 260/8-K/K/FS/NS OPTIMA MS
Serial number 303624
Year of production 1989
Plate length min 4100 max 5360 mm
Plate width min 2070 max 2650 mm
Thickness min 8 max 44 mm
Sanded layer
2,5 - 3,0 for a plate with 44 thickness
1,2 for a plate with 16 thickness, mm
Operational voltage 380/50 V/Hz
Control voltage 220/50 V/Hz
Noise intensity, less than 85 db
Energy-requirement 350 kWt
Passing thickness 8 - 150 mm
Feed speed 8 - 48 m/min
Dust extraction 159300 Mj
Power of high pressure fan HDV1 for cleaning nozzle ERD 11 kWt
Power of high pressure fan HDV2 HDV1 for cleaning nozzle ARDD 15 kWt
Operational pressure in the pneumatic system for belt tension 6 bar
Air volume for belt tension 10 Nm3
Machine weight 62000 kg
Operational width of sanding belt Actual width of the plate +5-8 sm

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