Texpan Dryer and Körting Burner

Texpan Dryer and Körting Burner

Texpan Dryer

Manufacturer Texpan
Type, single stage CM 195 /ROP
Multi cyclone 14 pieces

Max. infeed moisture content

80% rel. to bone dry

Outfeed moisture content

1.5% rel. to bone dry

Max. water evaporation

16,500 kg/h b.d.

Max. mechanical throughput

35,000 kg/h b.d.

Dryer infeed temperature, normal operation

Dryer exhaust volume

220,000 Nm3/h wet

Main dryer fan 500 kW

Dryer drum dimensions

Diameter 4.93 m; length 26 m

Körting Burner

Manufacturer Körting
Model CK 250E
No 2506 / 1042
Year built 2006
Capacity range 5-25 MW
Caloric value, Oil 40.68 mJ/kg
Caloric value, Dust 16.7 mJ/ kg

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