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A big step forward: eastconsult® and Fennert-EMS merger


eastconsult® and the Russian compressed air specialist Fennert-EMS have reached an agreement for merging. Everything started in 2008, when eastconsult® on behalf of the German company Fennert Druckluft-Anlagenbau und Service GmbH registered their Russian daughter company OOO “Fennert-EMS” and further assisted its German partners in the Russian market with management, accounting, sales, engineering and technical support.

In 2013 the German mother company Fennert Druckluft — Anlagenbau und Service GmbH due to a slowdown in the economy in their home market had to declare insolvency. As a result of this on July 31st, 2014 eastconsult® bought 100 % of the Russian subsidiary OOO “Fennert-EMS” and operated further independently in Russia and CIS. From that moment and up to 2019 Fennert-EMS has been performing many successful compressed air projects along Russia and CIS countries.

In April 2019 the management of eastconsult® decided to merge with Fennert-EMS in order to use the synergies of one joint engineering and service team and reduce administration and licensing costs.

“Through merging our efforts we will be able to achieve significant cost savings by using the synergies in engineering and licensing, allowing us to make more attractive offers to our customers”, — states Hubert Weiss, the founder of eastconsult®, — “besides, our very strong and experienced joint engineering and service team is now capable to handle more projects and provide faster service for our compressed air systems business customers, so we believe this will be a great step forward.”

eastconsult® will fully maintain all obligations of Fennert-EMS in terms of guarantees, service contracts, and other contractual relations without change of conditions.