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Privacy Policy


1. General provisions: this document regulates

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the Policy) is prepared in accordance with the Federal Law dated 27.07.2006 No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” and acts in addition to the personal data processing policy of the company eastconsult®.

This Policy specifies the procedure and methods for collecting, using, storing and disclosing information obtained via www.eastconsult.eu and  www.eastconsult.ru (hereinafter – the Website).

This Policy applies specifically to this Website and the information obtained from it. It does not apply to any other websites and does not apply to third party’s websites that may contain references to this Website and from which links to this Website may be referred. The Website shall not control and shall not be liable for any third-party Websites to which the User may be referred via the links available on this Website.

2. List of data processed on the Website: whose and what data is processed

eastconsult® processes personal data of the following categories of subjects whose personal data may have been collected by eastconsult® using the Website:

    • unregistered users;
    • registered users.Processed personal data of unregistered and registered Website users includes all information provided toeastconsult® by users via the Website, including filling in the relevant data fields on the Website.

3. Information received via the Website: what information we receive and what other data can be processed

eastconsult® may collect information about users’ visits to the Website without the users themselves providing the relevant information. Such information may include, in particular, IP address, user’s domain name, IP registration country, all user transitions from one page of the Website to another. Such information may be obtained using various methods, tools and instruments of Internet statistics and settings (in particular Сookies, Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrika counter services).

All information collected by third-party services, including payment systems, communication systems and other service providers, is stored and processed by the specified persons (the Operators) in accordance with their user agreement and privacy policies. The user shall independently familiarize themselves with the above documents. The Company eastconsult® shall not be responsible for the actions of third parties, including the service providers mentioned in this clause.

The Website also uses standard features (logs) of the web server to count the number of visitors and evaluate the host server’s technical capabilities.

eastconsult® may use such methods, means and tools to promote eastconsult’s® products, works and services via targeted advertising, sending notices, and making the Website more convenient and easier to use by creating profiles of registered users. However, such methods, means and tools shall not be used to identify unregistered users.

4. Purposes of personal data processing: for which purposes the users’ personal data is processed on the Website

eastconsult® will process unregistered users’ personal data for the purpose of their use of the Website, which includes:

    • communication with eastconsult®;
    • improving the Website usability, eastconsult® customer service and the Website itself.eastconsult® will process the registered users’ personal data for the following purposes:
      1. their use of the Site, which includes:
        • communication with eastconsult®;
        • user identification and identity confirmation in order to prevent unauthorized access to the user’s account by third parties;
        • providing users with reference information;
        • providing users with consultations on issues related to the work and services rendered, goods sold, and user support;
        • increasing the Website usability, improving eastconsult® customer service and improving theWebsite;
        • processing payments when placing an order;
      2. promoting products, works and services of eastconsult® by direct contact with users and providing users with access to personalized website resources, including consulting services, website operation, implementation, affiliate and other programs, in order to provide users with appropriate services through the website, to perform works in full, as well as to sell the corresponding goods;
      3. informing users via e-mail to the e-mail address and phone number provided by users;
      4. other purposes directly provided in the Personal Data Processing Policy.

5. Ensuring the personal data security: how the personal data of the Website users is protected

eastconsult® takes a responsible approach to the personal data protection issue, ensures confidentiality and security during personal data processing, and implements the requirements for its protection by taking a set of measures necessary and sufficient to ensure the fulfillment of obligations under the current Russian legislation on personal data.

At the same time, eastconsult® is not responsible for the obtaining by third parties’ personal data by getting access to the personal account of registered Website users. Registered users of the Website are obliged to independently secure data for access to their personal account.

6. Personal data processing consent and applicable clauses

The Website user freely, willingly and in his own interest, provides eastconsult® with his personal data.

By accepting the Policy terms, the Website user hereby confirms that the personal data he provides is accurate. eastconsult® assumes that the Website user provides accurate personal data and keeps it up to date.

By filling in the data fields provided on the Website, the Website user accepts this Policy and the Personal Data Processing Policy and gives his consent to the processing his personal data in the manner and on the terms specified herein and in the Personal Data Processing Policy.

By accepting the terms hereof and the Personal Data Processing Policy, the Website user confirms that he is aware of his rights and obligations under the current Russian legislation on personal data, in particular the right to access his personal data, to withdraw his consent.

If the Website user does not intend to provide personal data or does not accept this Policy and the Personal Data Processing Policy, the user shall stop using the Website, in which case eastconsult® will not provide the user with the use of the Website.

7. Final Provisions

    Use of the Website services means unconditional agreement of the Website users with this Policy and personal information processing terms specified therein. In case of disagreement with these terms the user shall not use the Site and its services.

    This Policy may be changed or amended if the applicable Russian legislation on personal data is amended or supplemented and may be amended at any time at the eastconsult® discretion. The current version of the Policy at eastconsult® is always available for viewing by the general public on the Website at the permanent addresses:  www.eastconsult.eu  and  www.eastconsult.ru. By using the Website, users agree to accept responsibility for periodic review of the Policy and changes thereto.

    All relations involving eastconsult® concerning the personal data processing and protection that are not directly reflected herein shall be governed by the personal data processing policy of eastconsult®, as well as by the provisions of the current Russian legislation on personal data.