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Technical audit


Technical audit is a procedure for monitoring production and engineering systems in order to assess the current state, identify efficiency enhancement potential, analyze future costs for repair cycles, modernization, energy consumption and implementation of energy saving systems.

During the audit, our specialists evaluate the available documentation, analyze the compliance of the company’s production activities with existing regulatory legal acts and technical requirements. Additionally, we examine technological systems, installations and their efficiency (for example, heat exchangers, pipelines, electric drives, automation systems, etc.). Basing on the results of the audit, we issue a report that provides a list of violations, if any are identified during the audit, and also give recommendations on their elimination, the timing of further operation, technological maintenance and repair. A report on the works done can be sent to the customer in the form of a technical and commercial proposal.

Technical audit by eastconsult® consists of:

  • coordination of boundaries and diagnostic technology
  • technical inspection of equipment
  • examination of documentation and assessment of compliance with the requirements of regulatory documentation
  • preparation of an audit report
  • issuance of recommendations on spare parts and maintenance, optimization of production