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Expert examination of design documentations


One of the most important stages prior to the implementation of many projects is the examination of project documentation, estimates, as well as the results of previously conducted engineering surveys. It takes a lot of effort, nerves and time, especially with no experience in this field. eastconsult® provides assistance in preparation of documentation and support during state and non-state expertise examination. Our specialists provide full legal, organizational, methodological and consulting support to the customer, which ensures competent and timely solution with minimal labor costs.

The main purpose of such examination of design documentation and the results of engineering surveys is to assess its compliance with the requirements of existing technical regulations, including sanitary-epidemiological, environmental, industrial, fire and other safety requirements. It is usually quite complex and extremely responsible procedure, so its maintenance should be trusted only to qualified specialists.

eastconsult® has extensive experience in this field. We take responsibility for guaranteed settlement of questions related to the documents examination in the shortest possible time. We conduct a thorough analysis of the documentation, providing expert comments on the identified shortcomings, assist in mistakes correction, and then prepare the revised material for examination.

To get our advice or qualified support connected with preparation of project documentation for the examination, you may contact our specialists.